Friday, October 7, 2011

This is my life?

So, I suffered through mastitis again. Admittedly, this bout was not nearly as bad as the first, but it still sucked. I think I am allergic to my baby! My boobs do not like him.

Things have been relatively good over here. The kids are still alive, I manage to make dinner every night, and sometimes I even clean the house! I often feel like I have nothing to say on the old blog anymore. Maybe this stems from the fact that I rarely ever leave the house.

Guppy is going through this horrible phase where he just can't seem to figure out how to sleep anymore. He takes all these crappy little catnaps and refuses to go back to sleep. And then he starts with the fussing. OH MY GOD newborns are annoying!

Izzy is going through a horrible phase where he sticks his finger in his butt all the time. The kid's hands ALWAYS smell like shit. "WASH YOUR HANDS!" is basically the only thing I say to him anymore. I am sure there are butt germs all over my entire house.

Porgie and John are not currently annoying me.

So, that sums up life over here in Cakerwakerville. I think I might mix things up today and go to Target. EXCITING! Could I be any more boring?


Jenny said...

Yeah..for a trip to Target! Glad you are feeling better and I can't imagine life with multiple kids but its coming soon!

Jenn said...

All I could think when I read this is omg...I have a 3.2,1 year old now and in 4-5 wks will have a newborn that will keep me awake're right I never blog anymore..I am trapped in the house with all these kids and have no life other then I know how you feel.

kristi said...

OMG TC did the butt thing. I was stupid enough to smell his finger two times when he stuck it in my face! Then I got smart!! Enjoy your trip to's the little things, right??

Anth said...

Ha! This is exactly how I feel. Nothing's going on exactly, but I am busy all day. Just with basic childcare, forget about cleaning the house!

allyk said...

Life with kids....

Glad you are feeling better and Target can be a very fun outing!

Lainey-Paney said...

Sorry you are feeling trapped in the house.
Sorry about the mastitis.
Sorry about the butt germs....but have to admit that reading that part made me laugh.

amanda said...

yay for target!! hope it helped the rut :) pretty sure we are going to go tomorrow just to get the week started on the right foot!

Just Jiff said...

OMG! The butt germs made me laugh. Sorry his finger stinks and that you may have butt germs everywhere.

And I'm nervous about the newborn thing since I don't know how I'll be with TWO kids. I know you have three, but seriously...I'm nervous as all get out.

Glad your mastitis is gone. It sounds beyond miserable!