Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mommy guilt

A list of things I currently feel guilty about...

* Ignoring my older children while attending to the younger one.
* Putting the baby in the swing for all his naps.
* Kicking my husband out of our bedroom.
* Letting my newborn scream every time we get in the car.
* Never taking Porgie and Izzy anywhere fun.
* Getting frustrated with my son constantly. Have I mentioned that he sticks his hands in his butt?
* Letting Porgie and Izzy watch entirely too much television.

It is so hard being the mom. Being responsible for everyone. Worrying about everyone. Making sure everyone is getting everything they need to grow and thrive. It is exhausting and overwhelming. If I could just turn off my brain and stop over analyzing everything, we would be fine. But instead, I fret and worry about all the little stuff that doesn't really matter. And I sit around feeling guilty.


Antropóloga said...

If it's not one thing, it's another. ):

Jenny said...

chin up momma! i think everyone has mom guilt every now and again.


amanda said...

a) mom guilt sucks. big time.

b) there is no such thing as the older two watching too much tv w a new baby in the house. promise.

allyk said...

STOP IT! You are home with your kids all day, that, in and of itself is a gift to them. You are doing great! TV will not kill them, nor will not doing something fun kill them either. You take care of Guppy - you are showing your babies how priorities work in life. Right now Guppy needs you the most. Plus, in the words of my dear friend, (imagine a thick southern accent here) "everyday you keep 'em alive is a good day, you did your job!" Hope that made you laugh! Alyssa

Anth said...

I totally put Baby C to sleep in her swing for every nap. And at night. It's off most of the time, but not always.

And my kids are watching lots of tv. Not quite as much as they did in my late pregnancy though. So I give myself a half point for that. Ha ha

I thought my husband would be home Thursday morning so I scheduled two meetings for some church stuff. I figured I could just take the baby and leave the older two home with him (Miss E has PM kindergarten). Last minute, something came up at work and now he has to work Thurs morning. I am dreading taking all three kids to these meetings! Ugh. So annoying.