Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home is the funnest place on earth

Remember when I told you about feeling guilty for never doing anything fun with the kids? Well Tuesday night the library was having story time from 6:30 - 7:30. Since we haven't been since mid-summer, I asked John to take the kids. It was a "fall" themed story hour and the kids were supposed to bring in 3-4 different leaves.

At about 4pm, I took the kids outside and collected leaves. When we got back inside, I noticed there was a message on the phone. I checked it, and of course it was my husband telling me that he had to work late and wouldn't be home to take the kids to the library. Because I wanted to have fun with the kids, I decided that I would take all three kids to story time, even though the baby can be SUPER fussy in the evenings.

Long story short, story time sucked ass. I left early with 2 of my 3 kids screaming and crying. I learned my lesson. It is more fun to just stay home.


msprimadonna67 said...

Bummer! I hate it when I try to do something fun with the kids and it turns out like that.

Antropóloga said...

I took both the kids to the park and out to lunch yesterday. I definitely learned some stuff I need to plan for better next time. But I HAVE to leave the house every day.

amanda said...

i am pretty sure if i ever had three i would never leave the house. ever.

but you my friend are a bad ass and you will get the hang of it. promise.