Thursday, June 9, 2011


For the past year, John and I have debated whether or not to have more children. Although I acted indifferent about the whole subject, I really REALLY wanted another baby. But I tend to worry about stupid things, like the size of our dinning room table and sleeping arrangements. I somehow turn all of these goofy little issues into BIG HUGE problems, which prevent me from taking action and making decisions. I am insane.

After talking about it for months, John and I started trying for baby # 3 in late October. I found out I was pregnant in December (right before our trip to Kentucky). I went to the OB and had every thing confirmed mid-January. Then the first trimester woes really kicked in, and I wasn't feeling too great. I wasn't nauseous this time around, but I was moody and tired 99% of the time. Everything felt overwhelming and exhausting - cooking dinner, playing with my children, blogging, getting dressed. I was pathetic, hence the reason for my writing hiatus.

I am due mid-August, so that makes me 30 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has flown by at lightning quick speed, and I can hardly believe that I am so close to the end already. I am trying to savor the whole experience, because this will most likely be our last baby. Some days I sit on the couch for hours with my hands on my belly, feeling my little one kick and squirm around. Knowing that I might never experience it again is heartbreaking.

This time around we decided not to find out the sex of the baby. We have everything for a girl and everything for a boy, so we are well prepared in the clothes department. I didn't give away any of my baby stuff (exersaucer, swing, bouncy seat, etc), so we don't really have to invest any money in baby gear. The main thing I needed was a stroller (I sold my single stroller and bought a double stroller when Izzy was born). But my mother came to the rescue and bought me a Graco snap-n-go stroller. Really, I just need to buy some diapers and wipes, and we should be set!

I am, without a doubt, one of the luckiest people in the world. I feel so blessed to be able to have another baby. I can't wait to hold my sweet little babe in my arms. I can't wait to nurse my little one to sleep. I can't wait to experience the miracle of meeting this new little person that John and I created.


Chris said...

Congratulations, again! It is amazing how quickly the time flies by when you have other children that need your time too. Savor the last 10 weeks!!

kristi said...


Antropóloga said...

I still think it is so funny that we are due a week apart!

Yes, the kicking part is great.

amanda said...

thirty weeks? for real?

i am still just so happy/giddy for you!!

Clare said...

it is SO SO amazing from the first to the last time around, enjoy it!

April said...

Glad you have updated! I check in here every now and then but hardly ever comment. I used to blog (under dooneybug) but gave that up years ago because I just did not have time anymore. I'm also expecting our third! Due August 1. It will be our last. I had my first two close together (15 months apart) so we waited a while before this one. My son and your daughter are a day apart, I believe. He turned 5 on June 6. Congratulations!