Friday, June 24, 2011


I went to visit my friend C and her new baby. OH MY GOD, newborn babies are so small! He was just the tiniest, cutest little thing in the whole world. His skin was so soft! And his feet were so teeny! I just wanted to eat him up. I held him for almost an entire hour, and honestly, I could have cuddled him for much longer. Then I came home to my HUGE children. I swear Porgie grew 3 inches while I was visiting with the new little one. My daughter has been really into babies lately, so she was a little disappointed that she didn't get to visit the baby too. I hope this love of babies continues after our baby arrives in August, because I could use the help!

I wanted to bake something delicious for C and her husband. You see, I often have really good intentions, but my plans rarely ever work out. I wanted to make this yummy strawberry pie that I have been making every week since we went strawberry picking nearly a month ago. I currently have a half eaten strawberry pie in my fridge, but I thought I had another pie pan stored away somewhere. I searched high and low, but the pie pan was nowhere to be found. Since the pie was out, I found a recipe for strawberry shortcake cookies. I procrastinated and ended up making them right before Porgie's dance class, and we were nearly late for class as a result. To top everything off, the cookies came out flat and mushy. I seem to be completely unable to make cookies lately. Every recipe (even my tried and true recipes), turn out too hard or too soft or too flat. UGH. So, the new mother did not receive a delicious treat from me. However I did crochet her baby a beautiful afghan, so I think she'll forgive me.


allyk said...

I am soooo glad you are back!!!!

I burned a lot of stuff when I was pregnant. Any food mishaps can not possibly be your fault!

Antropóloga said...

I got some newborn baby clothes for my upcoming baby, and they are ridiculously tiny. Like doll clothes! I highly doubt my kid was ever that small.

amanda said...

august!! you get a baby in august!! sooo crazy!!

Clare said...

wow, a hand made blanket, you spoiled her. they are so so tiny, love it!!