Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 24

Things have settled down again, and life is good. Izzy has finally figured out how to get down from a standing position, and Porgie has not puked since I wrote this post. It is amazing how one week can be so horrific, and the next week can be so wonderful. Motherhood really is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Did you guys watch the presidential debates last night? I thought that Obama did a wonderful job. He is very well spoken, and he seems so genuine. When he speaks, I honestly believe that he wants to help the American people. I haven't felt that way about a presidential candidate in a long time. Although I find the debates interesting and energizing, I don't think they really influence how people vote. By this point, most people have already made up their minds about the election.

I have been getting some extremely painful headaches lately. The pain radiates around my left eye and my left temple. I have taken Tylenol on several occasions, but it does little to ease the pain.

I made apple crisp! And it tasted delicious! I was so damn proud of myself. Now I am all excited about apple picking, and I want to do it every year with the kids. I think it would be a fun tradition for our little family. John thinks I am a sap.

It is rainy and gloomy in Jersey today. Actually, it has been rainy and Gloomy since Thursday. I am so sick of sitting in the house. I am pretty sure that Porgie and Izzy are sick of it too, because there has been an usually high number of temper tantrums lately.

I feel like I am WAY behind in the bloggy world. I just can't seem to get caught up on reading and writing. Our nap schedule is changing, Porgie is going to bed later, I have tons of scrapbooking to do, and we just subscribed to Netflix. I am having trouble keeping up with everything. I am going to try to get back on track this week. Sorry if I haven't made it to your blog lately. I am working on it, my dear internet friends.


Jenn said...

We haven't watched a movie in awhile,the hubby is always at work and then class.
Now that the new shows are back on ,least I'll have something to watch. Glad to hear the kids have been good and I love apple crisp with french vanilla cool whip! yum

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry and want to watch a movie. :)

Anonymous said...

ditto on the blogging. Ditto on the apple picking, infact...DITTO on everything. We have been living parallel lives lately :)

Amanda said...

My neck of the woods have been wet and gloomy too ~ you are not alone there!
I'm so glad that the vomiting has stopped ~ that must make things so much easier in the cakerwakers household:D
Amanda x

iMommy said...

I'm with you on being behind - I've got nearly 200 unread posts in my "ParentBlogs" category of my google reader and I just can't catch up!

Bon said...

i'm a sap too. we went apple picking last weekend and it was big fun. and i'm with you on the apple crisp...i'm not much of a baker, but crisp is easy and hard to go wrong with...i even added blueberries to the second batch and that rocked.

Betty Crocker here, signing off. ;)

Mama Smurf said...

I hear ya on try'n to keep up with the bloggy world. I'm trying to get my act together.

I don't think I ever knew you were a scrapbooker. I'm so darn behind. I've recently discovered digital scrapbooking and think it may be my ticket to getting out of this rut.

Eva said...

Yay baking!

Yay no puking!

Sorry for the headaches. I think mine are from squinting in the sun.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Yay for no more puking! Let's hope that stage of her 2 year old life if over with!

Send some of that apple crisp my way! I love apple crisp:)

Amber said...

I'm glad things are settling down for you and you had a smoother week!

Becks said...

Ok I am right there with you on the last one. I can not keep up either with blogging. I feel like I have no time anymore. I too just started scrapbooking again. It is hard to keep everything together!

Hooray for the non puking Porgie! That is a relief. Hopefully that phase has passed.

Also now i really want to pick me some apples and make a crisp!! YUMMMM

Tabitha said...

I am glad to hear that Porgie is no longer puking !!
Hope that you sort those headaches out soon ~ that can't be nice having them all the time!
Hope you are all well.
love and hugs XXXXXXX

Danielle said...

I completely agree with you about the debate. I feel the same way. Jersey has been such a nightmare- I hope it clears up soon. Hope your headaches improve!

Mary said...

I love apple crisp-now I have a major craving for it.

amanda said...

whoo hooo for no more puking!!

and apple crisp - yummo!!

i remember when we lived out in nyc and we went upstate to pick apples - honey i didn't have enough room in my fridge for all of them!! they were every where!!

but sooo worth it :)

Dana said...

glad to hear the puking has subsided.... and it has been so gloomy in Jersey, I hate it!! hopefully tomorrow will be better... if i'm stuck inside with my kindergarteners tomorrow i will be mad, lol!!

Anth said...

Ignore John. Apple picking will make a lovely family tradition!!

And yeah, I've been sucking at keeping up with blogging. Hopefully you haven't noticed, if so sorry!

Jiff said...

I want to make my apple bread. It's sooo good. I can't wait for fall!!

I, too, feel like I can't keep up with everything. Let me know if you find out the secret to getting it all done. :)

And glad little man can now sit down. That's funny!

chris said...

I second all of that! Motherhood is definitely a rollercoaster, but it's good to hear the puking as subsided. Apple crisp is one of my favorites, along with rhubarb crisp.

Hope the headaches go away soon.

kristi said...

I have the same headaches. They are my sinuses giving me hell. Had one this weekend.

Hope you feel better and that the throw ups are gone!

Cristina Mathers said...

oh no! hope your headaches go away!

Cristina Mathers said...

oh no! hope your headaches go away!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I keep getting behind in the bloggy world too....I wish I could watch some movies.....but I can't even catch up on tivo. I don't know why I still record anything... :)

I did catch some of the debate...I was so mad I couldn't just sit and watch it all....I did tivo it..but see above....I agree with you though. I don't know how anyone can say they are still undecided. Either you like the last 7 years.....or you don't. Pretty simple.

Glad everything is settling down in your house. I get a lot of headaches too....Excedrin is the ONLY thing that works....I just wish I didn't have to take it so often.

Have a great week!!! Squeeze those cute kiddos for me...

jen said...

so, i'm not the only one feeling way too far behind???

and apple crisp...


I just threw away 4548684506 apple from our tree. I should have FED Xed them to you! My motherhood motto: This too shall pass. Right when you think you can't take another minute of a bad habit or a stage POOF is gone. I have a crush on Ombama! Hope your headaches go away!

dani said...

hey, christy:)
it sounds like things are looking up in the motherhood area, yea!!! i hope your headaches subside (maybe alergies/sinus???).
obama did look good in the debate... though i honestly think neither he nor mccain are good choices. things are such a mess!!!
i am just going to have to vote on the presumption that whomever is elected could possibly appoint 3 judges to the supreme court???
anywho... i'm glad you found something to do with your apples; apple crisp totally rock, YUM!!!
:b dani

Rachel said...

I know the feeling. I feel like everything is consuming but I also think it is the fall and fall for me always means regrouping and change.

The headaches seems like a pain in the butt. In chinese medicine-headaches and pain around the eyes mean liver. try adding some greens or lemon water and see if that helps at all. A week or tough times can bring on that horrible head ache too,