Friday, April 5, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about consumerism lately.  Recently, I read an interesting post about coupons.  The author was convinced that coupons do not save you money.  Instead, they simply lure you into a store, where you will inevitably buy other items that are not on sale.

I started thinking about how I view coupons and spending money.  I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good coupon.  If Old Navy sends me a 30% off coupon and I have reward money too, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will be at Old Navy the next day.  But I don't need new clothes, so why do I go running for the nearest Old Navy store? 

Target also has me wrapped around their finger.  I always check for Target coupons before I head out to the store (which is a weekly event).  I'll end up buying goofy shit just because I had a coupon.  And don't even get me started on the clearance racks.  Target has great "deals" on their clearance racks.  I'll find the kids clothes for less than a dollar!  But, of course, it comes at a price.  Porgie had several pairs of Circo brand jeans this winter (all off the clearance rack), and every single pair developed holes in the knees.  If she could only wear the jeans for a few weeks, did I really get a good deal?

Whole Foods has coupons, which are also a problem for our family.  Since Guppy was born, John has been doing most of the grocery shopping.  He loves buying shit that NO ONE likes, just because he has a coupon.  A few weeks ago, he bought a case of tea because he had a coupon.  I swear to God, no one in our house drinks tea.  It actually sparked a huge fight between us.  Coupons are damaging my marriage!

Instead of spending our money on things we don't need, I want to save more.  We already save a predetermined amount each month, but I want to save more than the minimum.  I want to build a better life and future for my family. Now that we have more money freed up (NO 2ND MORTGAGE!!!), I feel like we have an opportunity to really change our way of thinking about money.  In stead of being frugal to pay off our debts, we need to be frugal to live a more comfortable, secure life.


antropologa said...

Move to Sweden. No coupons here, plus everything is really expensive and boring, so I hardly ever buy anything! Problem solved!

allyk said...

I don't fall victim to the coupons much because I always find them when I come home from Target and kick myself! I don't know how to get out of Target without spending at least $100 either!

Chris said...

Thanks for the thought provoking post. I'm thinking more about my weekly Target coupon hunt now too! It's hard to save money. I love hearing about your financial plans, as it sounds like you have a great money plan in place!

Jenny said...

Target always gets me too! Go for one thing and leave with 20. I wish I were better at couponing, but it is usually stuff I don't use.

amanda said...

you know what a total sucker i am for those darn little red stickers at's my weakness!