Monday, April 15, 2013


Guppy is no longer nursing.   About three week ago, he had a nasty cold.  He was very stuffy and miserable.  During that time, he decided that he no longer wanted to nurse.  I kept offering to breastfeed him, but he refused my offers every time.  I thought that everything would return to normal when he was feeling better.  I was wrong.

For the past few weeks, I have continued to try to breastfeed my baby at nap-times and nighttime, but he wants nothing to do with it.  He is done.  Completely and totally done.  At first I was okay with it, but then I went temporarily insane.  My crazy hormones kicked in, and I was a disaster.  I found myself constantly fighting with my husband, yelling at my kids, and randomly crying in the car on the way to Target.  Let's just say that last week was rough.

I am feeling better this week, and I am trying to find peace with the whole situation.   I was prepared to nurse my baby until he was at least 2 years old.  And even then, I thought he would gradually wean himself from breastfeeding.  I was not ready for an abrupt stop.  But ready or not, my baby is growing up.


amanda said...

so so so hard mama.

thinking of you....

allyk said...

:( So sad, but he is damn cute.

Chris said...

I feel your pain. So sorry to hear! This is almost exactly what happened to my girl and I at about 8 months old. She got sick, wouldn't nurse, and that was it. It's definitely hard to deal with the abruptness of it! I just had to get more hugs and kisses from my kids instead. Thinking of you!

Jenny said...

they grow up way too quickly! love that cheesy sweet!

antropologa said...

Awww. :(
Weaning is always hard.
Hope your hormones aren't too much trouble!