Saturday, September 29, 2012

My stinkpot

Guppy.  What am I going to do with that little stinker?  He is always mixing things up in the sleep department.

In the past month, Guppy has transitioned from 2 naps per day to 1 nap per day.  Prior to this transition, he was taking 2 ninety minute naps.  But then he started refusing the second nap, and he was getting super cranky by the end of the day.  After a few weeks of trying desperately to get him to take his afternoon nap, I gave up.  I decided to start putting him down for 1 nap around noon instead.

At first, everything was wonderful.  He went straight to sleep, and most days he was out for about 2 hours.  But then he started waking up after a mere hour.  And now he is taking 1 thirty minute nap per day.  I just can't figure it out.  He wakes up at exactly the 30 minute mark and will not go back to sleep - trust me.  I have tried ignoring him.  He will literally scream his head off for an entire hour.  But when I finally get him out of bed, he is happy as a clam.  He'll play the rest of the day with nary a peep.  He actually seems well-rested, which is just bizarre. 

This 30 minute nap business isn't new to us.  From the time Guppy was 2 months old until he was about 6 months old, he would only sleep for 30 minutes per nap.  It was exhausting.  And during that time, he always seemed well-rested and happy.  I am not sure if it is just some weird developmental stage or what, but I desperately wish that he would give his mama a little break. 


amanda said...

ej woke up last night at 1:45 and i didn't/couldn't get her back to sleep until 4:48. and that was just bc i was so tired i finally had to just let her cry herself to sleep. it was awful. sleep and lack there of wears me out.

i never knew i'd be obsessed with sleep.

(or people flushing toilets!)

thinking of you mama!

Jenny said...

i can totally relate and like amanda said who knew you could be so obsessed with sleep! us mamas, for sure!

at least he seems happy, but i am sure it makes it hard for you to get things done during the day.

antropologa said...

That baby is really likes switching things up! I guess just try to roll with it!

Chris said...

Hoping you get some relief from the sleep issue soon! I gave up trying to figure out why babies do most anything... although sometimes it's hard to not just stew about it!!!

MK said...

Awww... why does sleep have to be so hard for little ones?