Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let's talk

My skin continues to cause me heartache.  My fingers, although no longer actively peeling, just refuse to heal.  They look horrible and wrinkly and dry.  My face is also a mess.  I still have the tiny bumps on my nose.  Unfortunately, they are now on my forehead too.  And I still have almost two weeks until my dermatologist appointment.  UGH!

My baby boy is sooooo close to walking.  He can stand independently for several seconds.  He'll occasionally let go of the furniture and take two or three steps forward.  He has mastered his old-man-walker and can round corners with ease.  It is so bittersweet.  I am so proud, but also a little sad.  I want him to grow and develop, but at the same time I want him to always be my chubby, cuddly baby.  This mama gig is tough

We decided not to enroll the kids in dance class again.  Instead, we enrolled Porgie and Izzy in a roller skating class.  They love it!  I highly recommend it as a stress free extra-curricular activity.

My grandma finally came home from the physical rehabilitation center last Tuesday.  The staff recommended that she stay for a few more weeks, but granny was admit that she was ready to go home.  Unfortunately, she had a terrible first night home (she was in a lot of pain).  She was also having some trouble going up and down the stairs in my cousin's house.  So (I still can't believe I am typing this), my grandmother actually asked to be returned to the rehab center.  I was very proud of her for actually admitting that she needs more help.  Granny is back at the rehab center and doing well.  We are hoping that she will be well enough to come home by the end of October.

I had three dental crowns placed yesterday.  I have become kind of obsessed with one of them.  The color seems off and the the shape isn't right either.  How did I not noticed that while I was at the dentist's office?  I am going back on the 11th, but I am not sure there is much the dentist can do.  He already cemented it to the implant.  I think I just need to stop staring at it in the mirror.  No-one else has noticed the goofy tooth.  I even tried to get the kids to pick out the funny looking tooth, but they just made me feel worse by pointing out other flaws in my natural teeth. 

The baby continues to suck at napping.  We've had a few days where has slept for almost 3 hours, but then he goes right back to the 30 minute nap.  Frustrating.

I just can't believe it is October already.  INSANITY.  Christmas is in 2 months.  TWO MONTHS.  I haven't done any shopping for the kids yet.  What about you? 


antropologa said...

I don't think my children need any Christmas presents. The baby could use a comforter and pillow I guess and my girl always needs more crayons and paper and tape for her various projects, but otherwise I think they are all set.

As for the teeth: you always are obsessed with something about the teeth and then it becomes normal, right? I think it will be okay. And about your skin, good thing you made that appointment! I was convinced you would be fine by the time it came around!

It's good your grandmother is making use of the rehab place.

amanda said...

roller skating? omg how fun is that?? LOVE!!

so happy to hear that grandma is getting the help she needs - it's never easy to ask for help.

and christmas shopping? i can't/don't even think about it until we clear lilly's birthday. then i usually just start obsessing about the christmas card!!

and guppy?? please just sit down sweet boy!!

allyk said...

Christmas shopping? Ha! That's funny! I usually wait til the last minute (before I have to mail them to NJ). This year I am making crochet potholders for many people. My husband's business is limping along so money is tight. Your two month comment lit a fire under on my ass to get these things done!
The baby - he needs to just stay a baby, really.
The skin - you got me. I hope it all gets better though.
The teeth - I'd be obsessing too but if people can't see it when you smile or talk I wouldn't worry about it.
Grandma - kudos to her for going back to rehab. That's really hard to admit that you need help. I hope she is well and home soon.

Danielle said...

I hope your skin gets better! I am keeping Christmas very small this year. We already have too much stuff. I will most likely go for so cool art stuff and some more building sets. I saw someone post they get tier kids 4 things..something they need, something to read, something they want and something to share