Monday, July 16, 2012

Kids' Day

Last year we started a new tradition.  After Mother's Day and Father's Day are done, we celebrate Kids' Day on the second Saturday in July.  It is exactly what you're thinking.  We delight in our children and indulge them all day long.

This Saturday was the BIG day.  The kids woke up to find presents and boxes of buttercreams.  Then we played some video games.  After Guppy woke up from his morning nap, we went bowling.  The kids LOVED it.  We came back for lunch and another nap.  When the baby woke up, we headed out to the local children's museum. Super awesome, of course.  Then we let the kids select a restaurant for dinner.  It was an action packed day, but so fun.

It was nice to just be in the moment with Porgie and Izzy, and let all our problems slide away.  I thought we needed Kids' Day last year when I was big and pregnant, but we needed it even more this year.  With Guppy's napping schedule, we don't go as many places as we use too.  And with my lack of sleeping, I feel like I haven't been my usual self with the kids.  Kids' day was awesome and I am so glad we decided to start this tradition.  They deserve it.


Chris said...

What a fantastic idea! We're in the same boat here.... with a baby napping schedule and the heat, we don't get to go places as much either. I may totally steal this idea! Love it.

antropologa said...

How fun! Sounds like what another friend does, "Yes Day." But it turns out that day needs ground rules...