Friday, August 12, 2011

Nesting is for the birds

Since this is my third time around, very little has surprised me with this pregnancy. Severe constipation? Totally expected. Excruciating hip pain? Not surprised. Leaking urine? Happens every time. The thing that has caught me off guard is "nesting." I have never experienced this phenomenon before. I kind of thought it was just a made-up problem that pregnant women liked to complain about. Although I had heard other people talk about it, I had never actually felt any overwhelming urge to clean or organize my house during pregnancy - until now. And I have to say, it kind of sucks.

For the past few weeks, I have felt this constant nagging urge to get my house in near perfect condition. Everything I have been putting off for years, is suddenly very important to me. Every closet in my house is organized. My windows have been windexed. My bedroom (clutter central in my house) is spotless and clutter free. The food cupboard is organized, with all of my spices neatly lined up. I have dusted every ceiling fan and every picture frame. I have donated bags of clothes, purses, toys, and housewares.

All of this cleaning is exhausting, and that damn nagging urge NEVER GOES AWAY. Every time I finish a task, I think of something else that needs to be done. And I keep thinking of new tasks for John too. Last night, right after he arrived home from work, I made him hang new hooks in our coat closet. Why? Because I want Porgie and Izzy to be able to hang up their own coats this fall. Yes, jacket weather is months away, but this task must be completed before the baby arrives! It is urgent! I realize that I am being insane, but I can't stop these crazy impulses, so John has to suffer with me.

This is our last weekend has a family of four, and although I would love to spend it with my lovely little family, I know that this isn't going to happen. I already have an insanely long list of chores for John and myself to complete. Maybe I'll be able to rest at the beginning of next week? Fat chance.


Antropóloga said...

I hope you get everything done on your list, and you get to do some sitting around next week!

amanda said...

i was a total nester. it's the craziest feeling ever. seriously.

six more days mama!! six more days!!

Anonymous said...

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Krystyn said...

it really does stink. you are supposed to be resting and taking it all in, and instead, you can't sit still!

allyk said...

Good luck tomorrow - it's the big day right? Hope everything goes perfectly for you!