Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reward Chart

Kids are tough. Especially little boys named Izzy who happen to live in my house. My son is a willful child. And when he decides that he doesn't like something, well, you better watch out. He recently decided that bedtime was for losers. In a matter of weeks, he turned our fabulous night-time routine into a horrible nightmare. The kid has a knack for pushing my buttons (especially at bedtime).

Basically, Izzy started dragging out the entire bedtime routine. I would have to ask him 200 times to use the potty. He would fight me while I attempted to brush his teeth (I say attempted, because I am not sure the toothbrush ever touched his teeth). It would take him approximately 2 hours to put on his pajamas. When asked to climb into bed, he would scream and cry for "1 more minute!" This whole routine was beyond frustrating.

I decided to introduce a reward chart into the scenario, in the hopes that Izzy would stop his ridiculous behavior. The rules were simple. If the kids did everything (pee on the potty, brush their teeth, and get into their pajamas) the first time they were asked, then they would get a sticker. When they get 10 stickers, we will go out for ice cream.

The first nap-time was a dream. Both of the kids were sooooo good. I was impressed and super proud of myself for being such an awesome mom. But then bedtime rolled around. Holy crap. Izzy was awful. I had to ask him 5 times to pee on the potty, threatening to not give him a sticker the entire time (I don't know why I gave him so many chances. I guess I just wanted him to be successful.). Then he was being difficult while I was brushing his teeth. And finally, he refused to put on his pajamas. The sticker was gone. But the truly horrible part (for Izzy), was that Porgie got her sticker. Oh the torture! He apologized. He screamed. He threw his body on the floor, kicked his feet, and sobbed. He was so hysterical that John had to take him to his room for a time-out.

I am not entirely sure that Izzy understands the reward chart, but I know, without a doubt, that he regrets not getting that sticker. I have my fingers crossed that he will earn that sticker tonight:)


amanda said...

pretty sure he's totally going to get his sticker today! nothing like a big sister with a sticker for a little reinforcement!

MK said...

Good luck! We've started sticker charts here too. I need to print another out actually... Thankfully the stickers themselves seem to be enough for Kalila so far lol.

Mama Marshmallow said...

I am about to start a chart too. Not sure if she will understand yet but I figured it's worth a shot. Night time for us is starting to get hectic too.

Antropologa said...

I don't know why bedtime is always such a surprise. It's the same damn thing every night! Jeez! Why the drama?

But I am too lazy to make up a chart.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

How's it working? I keep saying I will make one, then I don't. Ugh. Soon.