Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My kids

My son is a little maniac. He is actually a pretty shy child. He clings to mommy in most social situations. But at home? IZZY IS A WILD MAN. He is so darn physical with everyone. And he borders on being a little too aggressive.

Recently, he started hitting Porgie. I have even caught him pinching her a few times too. And he ALWAYS refuses to say he is sorry. I find this to be an extremely challenging parenting problem, because no form of punishment seems to curb the problem. We usually do a time-out until he can say he is sorry, but it take SO FREAKING LONG to get an apology out of that kid. It is frustrating.

Izzy also like to steal Porgie's toy, sit on her, stand in front of the TV so that she can't see, and destroy her artwork. Of course, this elicits tons of tears and screaming from Porgie, which is also annoying and frustrating.

I know that this is all normal brother and sister stuff, but I swear these kids are going to put me in a loony bin. I have been so short tempered with them lately. I get mad at Izzy for being mean. I get mad at Porgie for crying so much. I get mad at myself for yelling at the kids. Gah! Parenting is hard shit.


Antropologa said...

Wow, that sounds tough. Maybe you have to step up the consequences? He immediately gets one of his toys taken away to be thrown away if he does it again that day? Something like that? That sounds mean but maybe?

amanda said...

parenting really is the highest of highs and lowest of lows isn't it friend.

wish i had wise words. i am afraid my girls are always going to just be smarter than me and nothing will ever really work!

Clare said...

we haven't gotten into to all of the sibling stuff, and i am dreading it! you need elf on a shelf!!

mamakalila said...

*Hugs* I don't know if its the age or the year they were born.. LOL but Kalila's the same and I have a few friends w/ kids born that year that are having the same issues.

@Clare - love elf on a shelf (although ours is a moose lol) but Kalila doesn't get it at all, or doesn't care.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Agreed. I'd say let's go on vacation, but money aside, when we get back we'd just being playing catch up. Hmph. Being a mommy sucks sometimes.