Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The day from HELL

We left the house at 2:00 pm. I lugged Porgie and Izzy down the front steps and loaded them into the car. I quickly got into the driver's seat and buckled my seatbelt. I glanced back at Porgie and realized that I had forgotten her cup of milk. So, I ran back into the house and retrieved her cup. As I got back in the van, I realized that I had forgotten the address for the GI doctor. It is at this point, that I should have called and canceled our appointment, but I didn't.

After running back in the house to get the address, we were on our way. We caught every red light, but I still managed to pull into the parking lot of the doctor's office at 2:25. I quickly got out and pulled the double stroller from the back. I plopped Porgie and Izzy into the stroller. As I approached the building, I seen a sign for the GI doctor's office pointing to the lower level. The only way to get to her office was to use the stairs. There is no way in hell I can safely get two kids and a doubler stroller down the stairs. I stood at the stairs, contemplating my next move.

Two men were painting the exterior of the office building. One of them offered to help carry the stroller down the stairs. I declined his offer, because how would I get the stroller and kids back up the stairs? So, I decided to put the stroller back in the van and just carry both kids down the stairs. After packing everything away and picking up both kids, this same man informs me that there is a parking lot on the lower level, which can be accessed through the Commerce Bank parking lot. Thanks a lot jerk. That information would have been really helpful 10 minutes ago.

With my arm throbbing, I carried both kids down two flights of stairs. We made it into the office, where Porgie proceeded to scream and hug my legs, while the receptionist gave me 4,782 forms to complete. At this point Izzy started screaming. So, I had Porgie whining at my knees and Izzy whining on my lap, while I am attempted to complete the paperwork. I have no idea what I wrote on those forms.

I handed the receptionist the forms, and she asked for my $40 co-pay. I pulled out my trusty bank card, when she informed me that they only accept cash or checks. WHAT THE FUCK? I thought everyone in the entire world accepted credit cards. Of course, I had no cash or checks on me. She informed me that I could go to the bank next door and get money from the ATM. This was a great plan, except I didn't have my stroller.

I put Izzy on my hip and grabbed Porgie's hand, and we headed across the parking lot to the bank. I got $40 from the ATM, and I grabbed Porgie's hand to leave. But she wanted to stay. So she screamed and cried, as I pulled her across the parking lot and back into the doctor's office.

After waiting for 15 more minutes, we were finally called back. The GI doctor walked in and instantly commented on Izzy's weight. She told me I needed to send him to "weight watchers," and I instantly disliked her. Why the fuck does everyone feel the need to tell me how fat he is?

After listening to his symptoms, she declared that he had allergic colitis. She went over the most common food culprits, but confessed that many breastfeeding mothers never discover which foods their babies are allergic to. She informed me that if he does not improve after eliminating dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, and citrus, that I have two options - let him continue to suffer or switch to formula. Both of these options are unacceptable to me, but that is another post entirely.

She gave me instructions for taking a stool sample, and sent us on our way. I left the office, feeling sad and fearful and helpless.


~melinda~ said...

aw, i totally hate this day for you. tomorrow is bound to be better. only you can decide what's best for the bambinos. there are perks/disadvantages to both options.

keep your chin up. this too shall pass.

Mary said...

I'm sorry you had such a miserable time and that the GI doctor wasn't more helpful. You'd think more doctors would be pro-breastfeeding and try to support mothers with that... Good luck. Tomorrow's a new day...

Dooneybug said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!?! First, what the hell about the no credit card? I can't believe she insisted that you go that very minute to get money with two little ones. Second, that doctor sounds just terrible! Weight watchers? For God's sake he's a BABY!!! I'm sorry you had to go through all that and end up with no definite answers. Hopefully you'll figure the culprit out soon.

Papa Bradstein said...

Dude, that's a day from hell, but that's also a doctor from hell. If I was a doctor, I'd prescribe a second opinion, or at the very least, a better bedside manner. And a practice that recognizes basic 20th century banking practices. Seriously? They expect people to carry cash? Checks? What are checks?

Suz said...

Papa Bradstein said exactly what I was thinking. If I tried to go to that office when the boys were little, I would have probably headed back to my car and home in tears. How dare they not have a sign or some other indicator of not only a stroller but a wheel-chair accessible entrance?!? It sounds that the doctor wasn't too terribly helpful either - to only provide you with two bad options.

Mama Kalila said...

:-( Sorry about your day... & that dr... I agree, get a second opinion. For one thing she had no business making that weight watcher comment... Nothing is wrong w/ chunky in a baby so young.. esp when all it's from is BM! Glad to hear you're sticking w/ that btw..

Lindz said...

Yep, that pretty much sounds miserable. I hope you get this sorted out at some point, for all of your sakes.

Timi said...

That really just sucks. I agree with the second opinion just to get other ideas of how to deal with it. I agree that his solutions were not really options.

Misguided Mommy said...

oh honey! i'm sorry dear

Jennifer said...

OMG. I got SO PISSED reading your post!! I work in healthcare and it infuriates me to NO END when someone is rude, has a bad bedside manner, or doesn't know what they're doing.

ANYWAY... the BITTYHOLE needs to watch her mouth, have her office post signs about payment, and I think it's illegal to not have wheelchair access to her clinic.

No wonder she had a cancellation. Sheesh. I'd get a second opinion.

Not So Perfect said...

That sounds just awful. It is hard to concentrate with screaming children. And that doctors comment was completely uncalled for.

So is his poop how you described all the time or just sometimes?

Do you or your husband have food allergies?

I went through similar testing with Ella. And I can relate to feeling frustrated and scared. The unknown is what is so upsetting.

Hang in there answers will come soon.

Carrie said...

What a horiable Dr. visit. I would so get a second opinion!

Cagey said...

I am still trying to get over the Weight Watcher's comment. I am calling bullshit on that one! Your baby is breastfed - he SHOULD be gaining lots of weight in the beginning!!!

I am really sorry you had to go through all that rigmarole. Sigh.

Chas said...

This is what's scary about having two babies...how do you do these everyday tasks and not lose your mind??

A Mom Two Boys said...

Ahh! Where have I been? Sounds like a complete and total nightmare.

And sounds like the Doc does need to work on her bedside manner. Misplaced "Fat Baby/Weight Watchers" jokes in a GI specialistas office when you're seeing them about a poop problem really doesn't work.

Can you cut out everything else and then Soy as a last resort? That way, at least you'll be getting your soy and if it IS soy, you'll know when you cut it out alone after nothing else has worked. Does that make sense?

And about the formula thing...Dylan switched himself to formula at 6 months when he refused to breastfeed anymore. It wasn't the end of the world and he's a prefectly healthy (save the occassional ear infection!) 3 year old child now. If it makes Izzy more comfy/healthy (maybe he'll sleep better!) it's really not the end of the world. I promise.

Anonymous said...

I don't like that Dr. either!
Sorry that you had to deal with that crap.

Will rice milk work for you?

We don't have any lactose issues and I'm an old-fashioned girl, I like my milk from a cow. (sorry if that squinks you out a little bit)
But I've never tried rice milk. How do you milk a rice? ;)

Marni Tiani Self said...

You poor thing. I so can't imagine having to do all that crap!!

Hang in there, you're a good sport!

Jeninacide said...

Oh man! BOO! WHAT THE EFF?! I can't believe she told you to take your kid to weight watchers? WTF?

My baby is fat too. Don't feel bad. I was just about to write a blog about what a CHUNK he is, in fact. CHUNK A LUNK, that is.

Good luck trying to cut basically ALL FOOD FROM YOUR DIET.. UGH! SORRY!

Rachel said...

Oh momma! I went through the same thing. It is hard and looking back I wish I would have given Max a bottle of water. I think there were a few things going on for me.

1. My milk was really thick, which is why he got so chunky but it needed to be watered down.

2. i wish I would have given him a probiotic very early on because leaky gut can be cured by good bacteria.

3. I wish I would have not taken it personally. It is tough and it sounds like you had a rough day. KIsses!

Weight Watchers-what is her problem? Bad bedside manner. Damn them doctors.

Anth said...

Are you freaking kidding me? Baby Weight Watchers? That is totally not funny.

I hate people who use checks. HATE. So that drs office is just stupid.

Nellie said...

What a bitch. I'd get a second opinion! I'm sorry you had such a bad day.

Kate W. said...

WTF- is RIGHT!! What a day! You must get a second opinion-it would be worth another $40 co-pay... I can't remember if you said so but was this a Pediatric GI Doc? I hope the afternoon got a little better. You did have a glass of wine or a beer right?
Big hugs!