Monday, May 27, 2013

All grown up!

They did it!  My kids figured out how to ride their bikes without training wheels!  I am SOOO proud.

Porgie figured it out first, which enraged poor Izzy.  He was whining and crying and refusing to let anyone help him all morning.  He would literally throw himself off of his bike and sob while laying lifeless on the sidewalk.  It was pathetic (and annoying), but we let him have his pity party.  This afternoon it finally clicked in his little brain, and he was whizzing down the street with Porgie.  Now, if I could just teach these two how to swim, we will be all set for summer fun.

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amanda said...

oh wow!! this is BIG news!! we just started attempting the bike with training wheels...i can't even imagine her riding it without them!! super exciting friend!