Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minivan woes

It never fails.  Every time I talk about how well our debt reducing plans are going, some big financial thing pops up and screws us over.  Yesterday we were supposed to go swimming at a friend's house.  I got the kids all dressed up in swim gear, and we headed out to the van.  It was dead.  Like completely and totally dead.  When I turned the key, nothing happened.  No sounds, no electronics.  Fortunately, our friend was able to come over and pick us up, so the day wasn't a total bust.

John got home from work and tried to fix the problem.  And miraculously, he got the van started again!  But something is still very wrong.  The electronics are all screwed up and nothing is working on my dashboard - no speedometer, no gas gauge, no turn signals.  UGH!

We were scheduled to make a BIG payment on our home equity loan today, but that has been postponed.  We will be needing that extra money to fix the stupid van.  Sometimes it feels like we'll never get ahead.


Lainey-Paney said...

You will get ahead because you continue to have your eyes set on the end goal.
Is it a set-back? Yes.
But----isn't it nice that you have the cushion of the extra loan $$ to pay for the van without the loan going into default or anything? Yes.

amanda said...

so sorry dude. total suckage.

Chris said...

You are doing great because you have the money to pay for the van, even if it sucks that it can't go toward the loan! And don't tell us anymore about how awesome you are doing... just keep it a secret and surprise us when the loan is paid off!

antropologa said...

That blows. Hope it is an easy fix.

Just Jiff said...

But you only have a year to pay off your house! That's amazing! Or is it a secondary loan? Sorry I'm a little dense here.

And I know what you mean about when you think you can get ahead, something pops up. I'll get a little cash and think I can splurge and do something nice, and BAM! Something happens. I guess it's a good thing that you at least have the money.