Thursday, August 30, 2012

LOOK! I wrote something!

I have turned into the most boring person ever.  Seriously.  I swear, I can never think of anything to write about on my blog.  I am completely and totally lame.  The kids were always an easy subject when they were little, but now that everyone is getting SO BIG, it is hard to decide which things to share and which things to keep private.  So instead, I just write nothing.  But tonight, I am going to try to write something for little old you!

I had the second stage of my dental implant surgery done the other week.  I still have stitches in my mouth, which are very irritating to my gums.  It hurts to eat, which is very disappointing.  I love food.  The good news is that I should have my crowns placed in a few weeks.  Super exciting!

We had this whole big trip planned to go back to Kentucky to visit family in September.  I even bought a (used) playpen for the baby to sleep in while we were there.  But everything fell through and now we aren't going.  I am a little bummed about the whole thing. 

I went everywhere last weekend looking for new sneakers.  I couldn't find anything decent looking, which is a sure sign that I am old and boring.  I ended up shopping online and found a cute pair of shoes.  They are supposed to arrive tomorrow and I am super excited, but also worried that I won't actually like them.  If I do like them, I'll post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

So there!  A whole post about me!


antropologa said...

Nice to hear from you. :)

I bought new shoes too and they are awesome!

amanda said...

yay for writing! yay for crowns! boo for the trip falling through :( and yay for new shoes!!

allyk said...

I love it all. Btw, this is why I write about my kooky dog!