Saturday, May 19, 2012

I talk about food too much

Okay, I did a little research this morning on strawberries.  It turns out that we have "mock strawberries."  The plants in my backyard are basically weeds.  DARN!  I really thought that seeds had spilled over from the compost and that we were going to get some delicious fruit.  Stupid weeds.  What a disappointment:(

We never did start our vegetable garden this year, which is a disappointment too.  It just feels like there is never enough time to get anything done on the weekends.  But, we did join a local organic farm's CSA.  We are SUPER DUPER excited about all the fresh fruit and veggies we are going to have this summer and fall.  There are lots of foods on the list that I have never heard of before, like amaranth, kohlrabi, and purslane.  It should be interesting.

Okay, that is enough talk about food.  No wait, I have one more thing to share.  I made a practice cake for Porgie's upcoming birthday party.  It turned out great, so I wanted to share a picture with you...

The blue layer turned out green, so it was deleted.  But I am was still pretty impressed with my awesome baking skills.


antropologa said...


I am so jealous you have such a beautiful cake in your house. Goddamn diet.

Anth said...

I am really impressed by that cake!!!!!!! Well done.

amanda said...

oh that's a total bummer :( sorry friend!

but that cake? oh em g!! that's enough to make up for mock strawberries :)