Friday, March 23, 2012

Just things I want to say

Guppy is suddenly a very active, very social little guy.  It is like a switch flipped in his little brain, and now he is so full of spunk.  He is all smiles and chatter and physical activity.  Very cute.

The weather has been so unbelievably nice this week.  It was 80 degrees today. Lovely.

I have finally started crocheting Guppy a baby blanket.  I am loving the colors I selected and can't wait to see the finished product.  Don't worry, I'll post a picture for your viewing pleasure.

I haven't been baking much lately, which is probably a good thing.  I need to shed some of this excess weight.  I have been feeling fat and frumpy lately.

We have been walking to the park every evening with the kids.  I am counting this as exercise.  Look, I am halfway to skinny already!

I am getting my haircut this weekend.  My hair is long (I haven't cut it since Guppy was born) and my wee little babe loves to pull on it, so I keep it up in a ponytail 90% of the time.  I think that is adding to my frumpy feeling. 

I went to Old Navy today and bought a few things.  It was one of those trips, where I couldn't find anything I loved, but I still managed to spend like $80.  But I need clothes to wear in this warmer weather, so I guess I am just going to wear a bunch of crap I don't really like.

I need to do some major spring cleaning around here.  I feel like my house is so cluttered with junk - especially my bedroom.  I love throwing crap in there and closing the door.  I still have a bag of brand new newborn clothes sitting in one corner.  That means I haven't touched that area in SEVEN MONTHS!

Have I ever told you that I am a cereal junkie?  I LOVE cereal.  I really shouldn't even keep it in the house, because I munch on it all damn day.  I am currently obsessed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I need to wean myself off the constant stream of sugar.

I also need to wean myself off Coca Cola again.  In the middle of a particularly bad week, I caved and bought a 12 pack.  That was in January.  I have been slurping down at least 2 cans per day ever since.  Ugh.  I drank my last Coke about an hour ago.  This is not going to be fun.

I am not giving up my Ben & Jerry's though. 


Anth said...

I think you're going to like the short hair. Now Baby C can't reach my hair and yank on it while she is nursing. Ha Baby C I have foiled you! Plus I just feel a little more hip, instead of frumpy, which I totally hear you on, I always feel frumpy while I am nursing.

I always stash stuff in my room, especially to make the rest of my house appear tidy. My dresser is almost entirely buried in crap.

Aaaand I just finished noshing on Red Velvet Cake Ben & Jerry's. Have you tried it? You probably shouldn't. I'm pretty sure it contains crack. Soooo yummy.

antropologa said...

Mmmm, sugar. I am trying not to eat so much but I just broke down and got some baking chocolate chips from the pantry. My excuse is I think I am sick. Or I have allergies?

We stash stuff in the guest room.

amanda said...

man i used to love me some cinnamon toast crunch. adding it to my grocery list for a little trip down memory lane. thanks friend.

kristi said...

Cinnamon toast crunch is da bomb!