Monday, March 5, 2012


Porgie, Izzy, Guppy and I haven't left the house all weekend.  We are not going to get sick again!  My baby boy has to get better.  Therefore John was the official errand boy.  It was kind of nice staying in my jammies for the entire weekend.

Guppy seems to be breathing a little easier - especially after his medicine and a breathing treatment.  He is definitely still sick and he is definitely still wheezing (sometimes), but I think he is getting better.  The downfall is that his medicine has been giving him insomnia.  My baby boy has been waking for a few hours every night since we started the Prednisolone last Thursday.  It will be 2am, and he will be wide awake and ready to play.  But I don't want to play at 2am, which results in lots of crying.  He has been napping better during the day, which is good because he has been in the worst mood lately.  I guess it is the medicine or maybe it is the lack of sleep?  All I know is that he hasn't been himself.  Today is the last day of the oral meds, and I couldn't be happier!  Fussy babies, no sleep, and never leaving the house is a recipe for disaster.

This week is going to be more of the same - sitting around the house, yawning, and listening to Guppy fuss.  Yes, my life is super interesting.


allyk said...

Why do I have a feeling you might have baked something wonderful? I hope your baby is better soon. He is so adorable.

antropologa said...

I'm sure he'll be all better soon!

amanda said...

checking in...feeling any better?

have you left the house?

kristi said...

Is he better yet?