Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Porgie's Dental Ordeal

I am not sure how much of this story I have told, so I am going to recap.  Last year we took Porgie to the dentist for a cleaning and discovered that she had cavities between her molars, on both sides.  We had the cavities filled.  Six months later (at her next cleaning), the dentist noticed that one of her fillings had fallen out.  I was annoyed, but figured it was a fluke, and I let him refill the cavity.  This was a mistake.

In November Porgie went in to have her teeth cleaned again.  The dentist revealed that the fillings on both sides had now fallen out.  He also mentioned that she had more decay in those teeth, which meant that she would need crowns placed on those teeth.  I was livid.  This fucking dentist and his inability to correctly place a filling was ruining my daughter's teeth.

Since the fillings he placed in her teeth kept falling out, I asked if he would place the crowns for free.  He refused, and acted as if the missing fillings were my fault.  He kept asking if I fed her gummy foods.  Umm...no.  She eats like a normal person, fuckface. 

So, I asked for Porgie's records and we left.  I called my dentist and got a referral for another pediatric dentist.  In December we went in for a consultation with the new dentist.  He confirmed that she needed crowns because of the extensive decay.  He said recurrent decay under the fillings was likely making the fillings repeatedly fall out (implying that the other dentist had never put the fillings in correctly to begin with. GRRR).  He assured me that if his crowns fell off, he would stand behind his work and correct the problem free of charge.  So, we made an appointment to have the crowns placed in January.

Yesterday was the big day.  Porgie had the left side done first.  John took her, and he assured me that it was the most horrible thing he has ever seen. But Porgie?  She said the new dentist was nicer and that it didn't hurt as much as it did at the crappy dentist's office.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this dentist will be competent and that we can finally stop traumatizing my daughter with all this dental work.      


Antropóloga said...

I had no idea! Poor darling.

Chris said...

Yikes. Poor girl.

amanda said...

omg honey i had no idea!!! awful. just awful.

i am sooo sorry :(

May said...

Sadly its all about paying back their school fees, some have no conscience and love performing procedures that insure the return of their new investment (= poor unknowing patient who trusts their Dentist)...Predators to Prey...Get the Picture?

The new Pediatric dentist sounds good,,, anyways Porgie has Primary teeth, so dont worry, their successors will be better,, ,Make sure you floss her teeth, and brush before bedtime,,, then half an hour after brushing with a fluoride tooth paste make her gargle with a Fluoride mouthwash (right before her bedtime,,, she cant drink or eat anything otherwise the fluoride present in the mouthwash wont be able to coat and protect her teeth during the night and help with re mineralization of any de mineralized areas. Also i would invest in a battery operated soft childrens tooth brush. Good luck.

MK said...

So sorry! Hope this is the end of it for her too. Poor thing! I am so stinking nervous about finding a dentist for my kids... I want to get ZJ started on some supplements that I've heard good reviews on first because he's starting to have issues with his teeth.

kristi said...

OMG! We had to take my son to Childrens Hospital in Dallas for major dental work, he has autism and no way would he sit still!