Monday, January 9, 2012

Developments in Cakerwakerville

Granny is doing well.  She is home resting, which is definitely a good thing.  I couldn't find a flight for less than $800 (per person), so I couldn't afford to go back to Kentucky this week.  In addition to the cost of the flight, I am going to have to rent a minivan and pay for a hotel room.   Needless to say, this trip isn't going to be cheap.  Anyways, I have been searching for tickets, and I am planning on going home at the beginning of February.  I have got to see my granny!

Guppy has been sleeping horribly lately.  In addition to his 30 minute nap routine, he has been waking every two hours ALL NIGHT LONG.  I have been running on empty for weeks.  I know that it is a phase and that it will pass, but it is so hard when you are in the thick of it.  I am crabby and cranky and just no fun to be around.

A few days ago Izzy was playing on the floor with Guppy.  He excitedly announced that Guppy had a tooth.  I thought he was crazy, but I came over to look anyways.  I was shocked to see a little white tooth beginning to poke through on my baby's lower gum.  At the ripe old age of 4 months, Guppy is getting his first tooth!  He is so young that I didn't even consider teething as a possible cause for all of his night wakings. Yes, I have three kids and I am still clueless.

Between the teeth, Guppy's new rolling skills, and that pesky 4 month sleep regression, it is no wonder he hasn't been able to settle down at night and sleep.  Poor little guy.


May said...

I'm glad your gran is feeling better. Yes it costs an arm and a leg to get around here.

AS FOR Guppy ;-( Poor Guppy he is teething,,,, he is early but see the first tooth can come out any time from 4 to 8 months (normal range, they say 6 + or - 2 months ). And im sure he is also up every 2 hours becasue of a growth spurt,,,, i miss those days, my baby will be 1 in 2 days ... actually one day. I wish i had a new baby, I think id go crazy, but theyre sooooooooo much fun, God bless. And you know, the older Guppy gets, the fonder his brother and sister will be with him, they will play with him more, youll see. You can take a 30 min nap on the sofa while you place Guppy on his Jumperoo and make sure Izzy or an alarm wakes you (that always used to refresh me and give me a boost for the remainder of the day). God help you and hold on there.

Antropóloga said...

Oh, he's so busy! Poor thing. Hope you get some sleep soon. And glad your grandmother is doing okay for now. Hope you can easily make a trip down there.

Chris said...

Teeth are baffling! We thought our boy was getting teeth at 4 months and it never happened until he was a year old! Glad to hear your granny is doing well. Wishing you luck on finding plane tickets.

kristi said...

WOW!! That is young for teeth already!

MK said...

Poor thing!

Have you looked at the amber necklaces? I swear they work wonders!

amanda said...

so happy to hear granny is doing well!! hope the search for tickets comes up successful - i am sure she would love to see you!!

and holy crap - a tooth? and not sleeping? poor mama!! and poor guppy!! hang in there buddy - it will get better! and until then, i highly recommend baking more! something you and i do really well :)

Lindz said...

Glad to hear your granny is on the mend! Scary stuff.

I also thought you'd like to know I think of you each time I shower and see my massive boobs on account of I am horrified by the complications you've had a fear them for myself. You, lady, are a trooper. And now you have a tooth to deal with!