Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tired, sick, stupid, etc.

I finally got my braces off.  I know I should be more excited, but I am not.  Everything was fine until I got my retainers on Monday.  OH MY GOD, retainers are horrible.  I cannot speak.  I literally sound like I am mentally retarded.  Why didn't anyone tell me that retainers are way worse than braces?  Ugh.

My baby boy is sick. He has a fever, and his tummy is very upset. He vomited three times yesterday. It is incredibly sad to see his tired little eyes and to hear his desperate little cry. Poor baby boy.

My husband has been working tons of overtime.  I am trying to be thankful for all the extra money we'll have this Christmas, but usually I am just mad that John is never here to help out with the kids.  I love my children to death, but sometimes I need a break.

My cousin flew to New Jersey last weekend to visit.  It was fun getting to chat and catch-up, but houseguests are hardwork when you have a newborn.  I felt like I ran my baby ragged, yet my cousin still seemed bored with all of the down time spent in the house while the baby napped and whatnot.  But I am still glad she came to visit.  I really miss seeing her.

My brain is officially useless.  I guess it is all the sleep deprivation catching up with me.  I can't remember ANYTHING.  I forgot to take the kids to see Santa at the library last Friday.  We have gone every year since Porgie was born.  I was heartbroken when I realized that we had missed the whole event. 

I have been trying to send out Christmas cards for about a week now.  Since Guppy only naps in 30 minute increments, it is really hard to get anything done.  So, my Christmas cards should probably make it out by Valentine's day.


amanda said...

i just laughed super hard!! i am sooo sorry but i sooo remember the retainers!! and hearing my voice while they were in! i was like what the hockey sticks is wrong with me!! it will get better friend. promise!!

so sorry about your sick baby...not good. seriously i am not sure there is anything worse than a sick baby. hoping he gets better really quickly!!

ps - i think valentines cards sound perfect!

Antropologa said...

I'm sorry, buddy. Maybe a fun Christmas will make up for this stuff. :)