Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do you like Coco Krispies?

In April, I gave up soda and ice cream in an effort to slim down.  I had gained about 30 pounds since Guppy was born, which was just ridiculous.  Who gains weight AFTER the baby is born?  I am ass backwards. 

I've managed to shed about 35 pounds, which is all kinds of awesome, but now comes the super duper hard part for me - maintenance.  When I am losing weight, I have a goal that I am constantly striving toward.  Although I hate depriving myself of sugar, it is fairly easy for me to stay on track when I am motivated.  The hard part for me is maintaining the weight loss.

When I reach my goal weight, I don't go hog-wild and eat whatever I want, but overtime I always end up reverting back to my old habits.  One can of pop won't hurt - right?  I am just going to eat ice cream this one time.  I think I'll have a small bowl of cereal.  And thus begins my downward spiral into fatness.  I have a serious sweet tooth.  And once I start eating a little sugar, I tend to go overboard.  For example, I love Coco Krispies.  LOVE THEM!  But I cannot have that cereal in the house, because I will eat half of the damn box in one morning.  I will literally refill my bowl 3 damn times.

Basically, there is no middle road with me.  It is all or nothing.  When am I going to learn how to behave like a healthy person?  Apparently never.  I read on another blog that maintaining a weight is hard, because it is like running a race with no finish-line.  I think that pretty much sums up why I struggle to stay at a healthy weight.  I eventually get tired of running.


Carrie said...

I'm off the bandwagon at the moment, but what helps for me is working out. If I work out, I can have my treat. I don't, no snack for me.

It worked with getting my Liv to sleep in her own bed all night long.

allyk said...

I could've written this myself. Substitute Coco Krispies for cookies and that's me. Once I start I'm doomed. I'm in a bad phase right now and I know if I can get back to the gym I will eat healthier because I don't want to ruin the work I did. If only it came naturally.

amanda said...

can you please teach me..seriously i suck at this whole eating right thing. but darn it if i don't feel a million times better when i am treadmilling it AND eating salad.

i just miss my sugar sooo much!!