Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am completely fascinated with polygamy. For some reason, I just can't get enough of these people. Big Love is one my favorite shows. Any time I see a documentary on polygamy, I have to watch it. And just recently, I started watching the TLC show Sister Wives. So interesting!

Honestly, I think polygamy is an interesting idea. I love how these people have HUGE families (that is another subset of people I am fascinated with. If you have more than 6 kids, I will automatically want to know more about you.) I also love how these women can push their jealousies aside for the greater good of their families/their religious beliefs. I love how they work together and help raise each others kids.

I tend to be a jealous person, so for me personally, I could never be in that type of relationship. NEVER. I would be miserable. But I do think it is wrong to outlaw polygamy. What is so horrible about having multiple wives? If they are all willing, consenting adults, then it isn't really anyone's concern. I thought America was all about religious freedom?

All of this to say that Big Love is gearing up for its final season. I am bummed. I really liked that show. I also learned that the husband from Sister Wives is facing possible jail time for polygamy. Gah.


Nicole S. said...

I have said for a while (well, since having kids!) that I so want a sister wife. I think I could handle sharing my husband if I had some help with the house and kids :)

mamakalila said...

My favourite kanga saying (phrase on the bottom of a kanga, usually some type of proverb) translates to "Co-wife? Ha! Just shove it!"

Mixed feelings on the whole subject though.. I would not want one either... Yea it would be nice to have the help, but... I'm not that jealous but that's one thing I refuse to share lol. On top of that, having been to a place where its legal and happens, I've seen issues come off of it. It doesn't always work as well as people for it tend to think.

I heard about the guy facing that... if he was in another state he wouldn't be. But like here in TX, Utah has a commonlaw thing. Since he called her his wife it makes it legal and closes the loophole that allows polygamy in most states.

Awhile back I read a book about it being done here too called Footsteps, 3rd book in a series by Umm Zakiyyah (sp? Its early for me lol). Was a very interesting book.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I don't have cable, but you have me totally curious about this now. A bunch of women in one household? What about the sex? Let's be realistic. How does this really work?

kristi said...

I always joke to my husband and say "I need a wife!"
Good thing I have lots of energy or I would never get it all done. Sigh.
And I heard the guy on Sister Wives only married one woman and the others he just had a ceremony with.

kristi said...

Oh, I just read mamakalila's comment. Verrry interesting!

amanda said...

i have jealous bones. i couldn't deal.

Jenn said...

I watched the Sister Wives thing too and always find it interesting to watch,however there is no way my husband would be having sex with another woman without getting a good kick somewhere from me !

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

See, I think it is totally disgusting. It ruins the sanctinty of marriage. Why get married? Why can't they all just live together and be happy with that. I just feel that exchaning marriage vows with 5 different women is wrong.