Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting sucked into reality TV

I am not a big fan of reality TV.  When Porgie was a baby, I watched Big Brother for a season or two, but all the characters annoyed me.  By the end of the show, I didn't want any of them to win.  Then I watched Amazing Race for a season or two, but I lost interest and stopped watching.  Just recently I started watching Sister Wives, because I seem to have some weird fascination with polygamy.  But that is pretty much it.  I just don't love reality TV. 

Over Christmas break, we experienced a few very boring afternoons.  One particularly dull day, I was searching around on Netflix trying to find something that would interest both me and the kids.  I kept seeing all these goofy reality shows that revolved around baking - Cake Boss, Next Great Baker, DC Cupcakes, etc.  Finally, I decided to give Next Great Baker a shot.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad either.  Porgie really liked it though and would request to watch it with me everyday.

It turns out that the show is based in Hoboken, NJ.  I decided that it would be super fun to go visit Carlo's Bake Shop.  I read online that the line to get into the bakery sometimes goes out the store and down the block.  So, I developed a back-up plan in case my bakery plan didn't work out (because obviously we were not going to wait in line with 3 kids for HOURS to get a damn pastry).  John and I decided that while we were there, we would also visit the Liberty Science Center.  That way, even if the bake shop was a bust, at least the hour drive wouldn't be a complete waste.

On Saturday morning we woke up early, ate breakfast, and hit the road.  We were in Hoboken by 9:30.  Amazingly, we got a parking spot right in front of the bakery and there was no line!  We lucked out!

Izzy and I got a strawberry cheesecake, Porgie got a chocolate mousse cake, Guppy got a chocolate chip cookie, and John got a cream puff.  I also bought a full sized strawberry short cake to take home.  It was all delicious.  Seriously, so so so yummy.

 Then we headed over to the science museum, which was tons of fun.  If you are ever in NewYork or North Jersey, I highly recommend visiting this museum with your kids.  We were there for 3 hours, and we had to carry a screaming toddler out the door.  It was that fun.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Our Christmas was nice this year.  We didn't go to Kentucky, which always makes things feel a little boring, but it was still nice.  None of the kids were sick, everyone loved their presents, and I baked a shit load of cookies.  Good times, good times.

I got incredibly lazy over Christmas break, and now I am having a very hard time getting back into the swing of things.  I've been eating horribly, I can never seem to get caught up on laundry, and I have decided that cooking is for the birds.  I know I'll get back into my groove soon, but right now I just want to lay on the couch and watch mindless television. 

Since we didn't go back to Kentucky for Christmas, we are going to go back in the Spring.  I kind of get annoyed with going to Kentucky every year.  We have to board the dog (which is expensive), it takes us 12 hours to drive there (which is pure torture with 3 children), the hotel is expensive, eating out for every meal is expensive, visiting the local attractions is expensive, etc.  As a result, we never get to go on a real vacation.  We spend all of our vacation money on Kentucky.  And in case you don't know, Kentucky is not the most exciting or interesting place to visit.  In short, I am soooo over Kentucky.  If it wasn't for my family, I would totally never go there again. 

And speaking of my family, can I tell you how annoying it is when no-one comes to visit us in New Jersey?  Because it is very annoying.  My cousin C hasn't came since 2011 when Guppy was born, my mom cancelled her trip this year, and no-one from John's family has EVER visited us.  Yet, they all harass us constantly to make the trip home to visit them.  What is up with that?  They want to see us, but no-one seems to want the inconvenience of actually traveling to see us.

Anyways, we are planning the trip, and I am dreading it.  I think we should skip Kentucky this year and just go to Hersey Park instead.  We could go to Chocolate World!  And that my friends, sounds like heaven on Earth.  And the best part?  It is only 2 hours from my house.  I totally need to make that happen. 

Okay that is enough rambling for one night. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Izzy is six!

My biggest boy turned 6 years old today. Izzy is such a fun kid.  He loves all things Transformers and can play with them for HOURS.  He has recently fallen head-over-heels in love with Legos too. He is definitely a kid who likes to use his hands!

He is getting so tall and smart.  It is such a joy to watch him change and grow.  I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!